How to Take Care of the Correct Copier – The importance of maintaining the Konica Minolta photocopiers by maintaining and keeping it clean, can extend the use of the Konica Minolta copier. Below are some easy ways to keep your Konica Minolta copier well maintained and in good condition :

Protecting the scanner glass area, by Using Glass Cleaner

Clean from Dust and dirt on your copiers can scratch the glass of the Konica Minolta Copier and may mess up your copies. Make sure you use a soft, lint-free cloth with an approved static-free cleaner when you clean the copier glass. Be sure to check the user manual of your Konica Minolta Copier to see which type of cleaner is right for your machine

Changing Toner When Needed

The copier will tell you when toner needs to be replaced. Running the cartridge until the toner is completely depleted will not only result in poor-quality copies, but may also harm the copier.

Turn off the Copier when not in use, turn off the machine or put it into hibernation mode to save power and extend the life of the machine.

Do not put things on the machine. Why? Because placing objects on top of the copier can break the glass of your Konica Minolta Copier, break the cover, or even warp the surface of the copier.

Use standard copier paper. Do not use recycled paper which is prone to dust binding and use paper of the proper thickness required by the machine

Routinely clean the waste toner reservoir by not waiting until it is full.

Using a Konica Minolta photocopy machine according to their respective capacities. If you need a lot of work that is above the ability and capacity of the machine, you need a spare machine to complete the job. So that the machine continues to work according to its capacity.

By setting aside a little of our time to routinely control our photocopiers, the investment that we have spent on the machine can be useful for us business people in the long-term.

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